Consulting and Service Providers 

Expanding responsibilities

We are aware that a relocation, especially to a foreign country, is much more than just the transfer of moving boxes. We give employees and their families a helping hand to ensure your loved ones have a pleasant start in their new environment. If needed, we can arrange cleaning and gardening help, as well as cooks for hire and household assistants who can be booked by the hour to help with shopping, laundry or child care.    


As part of our settling-in program we take care of all matters related to the supply of electricity, gas and water, opening bank accounts or arranging mobile phone contracts. Whether phone, TV or internet – we ensure unrestricted use of all your devices and take care of everything from ordering and monitoring connection work in your (future) home to explaining contracts and invoices. 


Your health is your greatest asset and we care about it. For this reason, we can assist you in finding family doctors, dentists or specialists who speak your language, accompanied patient transports and also arrange for a health insurer that speaks your language.


If necessary, we can also explain the German tax system to you and put you in touch with an English-speaking tax consultant. If you need legal advice, we would be glad to put you in touch with English-speaking attorneys.   


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